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The Hostel Misky Illari

Misky Illari comes from the Quechua language which means:

Misky: Sweet

Illari: Sunrise

“Sweet Sunrise”

Misky Illari came to life with a dream made up by Mr. Jaime Cruz Pinares, its founder. He built this cozy Hostel-Lodging with the purpose of hosting all the tourists who came to the city of Cusco. Giving them a safe, pleasant, and comfortable place to spend their stay and thus meet one the wonders of the world.

Misky Illari is born not only with the purpose to give a pleasant stay to tourists, but also with a mission to help the needy through voluntary contributions for children of the city in extreme poverty.

For this reason, Misky Illari will donate $1 for each room reservation of a tourist and the amount will be destined to this beautiful solidarity campaign to give a smile to a child.

Misky Illari, “The Sweet Sunrise of a Cuzqueño child thanks to your stay”

“In tribute to my father”